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How to mount in light track

  1. Before you place the adaptor in the light track, Turn the wheel [A] with numbers 1, 2, 3 and Off to the position “Off”, so the pins allow the adaptor to slide into the light track
  2.   Position the connector [B] on the side, so the pins allow the adaptor to slide into the light track
  3.   Press the adaptor into the light track. If it doesn’t click in easily turn the adaptor the other way around. It can only fit in one way.
  4.   Turn the connector [B] to the front, this will lock the adaptor to the light track
  5.   Turn the wheel [A] from OFF to position 1, 2 or 3 (can vary depending on the manufacturer of the light track)
  6.   You will hear a “bilib” and see the light on the machine turn on. This indicate the machine is ‘On”
  7.   Unscrew the bottom part of the machine to access the oil container. Insert the full oil container and screw the bottom part on again
  8.   The machine is adjusted to operate within the opening hours of the store.

Rscent-3 & Rscent500

How to mount in light track

If the intensity of the fragrance is too little or too much you can adjust the settings from your phone.

  1. Download the AromaLink app to control the machine via bluetooth:
    Apple App store: Link
    Google Play: Link
  2. Open the app and make sure the machine is turned on. You don’t need to log in, the machine can be controlled via bluetooth when you are within 1-2 meters.
  3. Press the ‘Bluetooth” botton [1] and type the pin 1234. Now you can see the machine in the device list. Press the device typically named “Smart A1 or “SmartAroma. A5” [2] (if you don’t see any device then press refresh and make sure you are within a 1-2 meters from the machine)
  1. Press “Set’ [3] to go into settings
  2. Choose the event [4) you want to edit. Press the event.

You can also setup multiple events (1-5). The machine then turns on/off different times with different settings on the same day(s). Normally this is not needed.

  1. Select when the machine must start and end by pressing the ‘Start Time” and “End Time” [5). Then select when the the machine must operate by pressing “Work” and “Pause” – It’s quite simple; Work (s) 10 and Pause (s) 240 means the machine spray out perfume for 10 seconds and pauses for 240 seconds.
  2. If you have similar settings for more than one day you choose the days that will have the same settings by pressing the days you want to choose [6). For example if you have the same opening hours Monday-Friday, you press all weekdays so they are marked with a white circle, and then choose the Start, End Time and Work, Pause.
  1. Press “Confirm” [7]
  2. Press “Save” [8]

That’s all. If you are not happy with the intensity, you follow the instructions again to adjust to the wanted level. It can take several hours until you feel the correct effect from the machine.

Rscent 5

How to change oil

Note: Always keep the machine in upright position! If oil is leaked into the machine it will damage the machine.

  1. Watch the video below to see how to replace the bottle with oil.
  2. Open the lid (use key if locked)
  3. Pull out the nozzle and the bottle
  4. Unscrew the empty buttle from the nozzle
  5. Replace with a new full bottle (be careful not to spill any oil and screw it on to the nozzle again
  6. Place the nozzle and the full bottle into the machine and close the lid. (use the key if needed)
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